Chatfield 10 Miler
Saturday, November 10 - 9 AM
Chatfield State Park Gravel Pond

This course will be a trail run. The route will consist of about half dirt road and half single track trails much of which is wooded.

A course map is available here

From C470, exit at Wadsworth. Go south to the Chatfield State Park entrance. After entering, turn right and follow the the road past the bend until just before the bridge. Park in the lot to the north of the road.

Note: The park is no longer offering a special rate for events of this size and now will require each vehicle to have a park pass to use the park. If your vehicle does not have an annual pass a daily park pass must be purchased at the entrance. The cost for this is $6.00. This cost can be split if you car-pool or evaded if you come in a car that has an annual pass.

There is a parking lot off Wadsworth just south of C470 where people can meet to car-pool into the park. Chris Vanoni will be there with a sign signaling that this is the correct parking lot. People with annual passes please stop at this lot to pick up people to bring in to the park.

For more information or to volunteer call Kim Massey at 303-765-5512 or Scott McFarlane at 303-904-4542.