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Spring Spree Run

Spring Spree (White Spring Spree 5K) (S Platte River)
March 23, 2013

Three years in a row of perfect weather is too much to expect in Colorado mid-March. Race day arrived with howling winds, lots of snow, and bad roads. The good thing was there were no bikes or strollers to contend with on the trail. The CMRA race directors guide that suggests that with a race over 5 miles, that a 5K course be set up, we set up the course markers the night before for both the 10K and 5K. Sure enough, 28 brave souls showed up in time for the race. We were huddled around the registration desk trying to decide what to do. A consensus spread through the group to all run the 5K, so that's what we did. Just to make you folks that stayed in a warm bed, a 10 year old girl, Alisa Jackson ran and finished quite well.

The volunteers who usually run the finish line and take times could not make it and we thought we would just have places. However, we got nearly 95% of the times thanks to most runners wearing high-tech watches (only the hard core, time-obsessed runners would show up on such a day). Overall winners were Keith Johnson (19:15) and Elizabeth Hayden (28:21). Age goup winners were Jim Romero (M70-74), Tom Chambers (M65-69), Scott McFarlane (M60-64), Michael Guenther (M50-64), Kathy Johnson (F50-64), Scott Jackson (M45-49), Nicole Shaklee (F 45-49), David Rothenburger (M40-44), Sherri Spotted Bear (F40-44), John Ramos (M35-39), and Stephen Johnson (M34 and under). The High School winner was 16 year-old Coe Spotted Bear and, of course, Alissa Jackson was the 13 and under winner (36:23, how does that make you feel?)

Many thanks to all the volunteers: Connie Ahrnsbrak did a great job with registration and results. Janet Ralston and Nicole Shaklee helped with registration. Erica Shiflett from the Boulder Physiotherapy Associates clinic helped with water station, finish line and clean up. Davia and Cathy Wise stood in the bitter cold to help with the water station and finish line. Bonnie Pitzer stood at the the 5K turn around point to ensure no one ran off course. Earl Pitzer helped set up the courses on Friday, helped with the course Saturday morning and helped with clean up and Tom Chambers acquired and helped with the awards.

This report would be woefully incomplete without mention of the Pancho and staff of Platte River Bar and Grill who provided a warm, welcoming place for registration and awards. After the race I was very pleased to see so many runners enjoying lunch at the Platte River Bar and Grille. I hope this is enough thanks to them for the generosity.

Thanks also to Boulder Running Club who provided $20 gift certificates, Physiotherapy Associate Clinics of Denver area for T-shirts as prizes and raffle and Great Harvest Bread Company of Greenwood Village for bread loaves as raffle prizes.

David Wise, 2013 Spring Spree Race Director

March 23, 2013 Race Results

1 Warhorse (Keith) Johnson 19:15 51
2 Steven Johnson 21:26 30
3 John Ramos 21:52 36
4 Eric Hislop 21:56 27
5 David Rothenburger 21:58 44
6 Michael Guenther 22:40 51
7 David Ceniceros 23:40 25
8 Michael Brenner   54
9 Matthew Hall 25:00 26
10 Robert Whittemore 25:08 44
11 Scott Jackson 25:09 45
12 Brett Allendorf 25:39 44
13 Dan Shaw 26:12 53
14 Michael Abbott 26:59 43
15 Elizabeth Hayden 28:21 40
16 Todd Shaklee 28:29 43
17 Joe Benvegnu 28:43 46
18 Kathy Johnson   52
19 The B-Man (Jim) Romero 29:20 72
20 Spiderman (Scott) McFarlane 29:24 61
21 Janet Ralston 29:25 50
22 Tall Red (Ed) Youngberg 30:13 70
23 Coe Spotted Bear   16
24 Strider (Tom) Chambers 31:10 69
25 Sherri Spotted Bear   40
26 Nichole Shaklee 34:51 49
27 Sir Fred Trentaz 35:50 70
28 Derek Troy 35:51 37
29 Alissa Jackson 36:23 10

March 23, 2013 Race Results by Age Group

Place Name Time Name Time
  Men Women
1 Warhorse (Keith) Johnson 19:15 Elizabeth Hayden 28:21
1 The B-Man (Jim) Romero 29:20    
2 Tall Red (Ed) Youngberg 30:13    
3 Sir Fred Trentaz 35:50    
1 Strider (Tom) Chambers 31:10    
1 Spiderman (Scott) McFarlane 29:24    
1 Michael Guenther 22:40 Kathy Johnson  
2 Michael Brenner   Janet Ralston 29:25
3 Dan Shaw 26:12    
1 Scott Jackson 25:09 Nichole Shaklee 34:51
2 Joe Benvegnu 28:43    
1 David Rothenburger 21:58 Sherri Spotted Bear  
2 Robert Whittemore 25:08    
3 Brett Allendorf 25:39    
4 Michael Abbott 26:59    
5 Todd Shaklee 28:29    
1 John Ramos 21:52    
2 Derek Troy 35:51    
1 Steven Johnson 21:26    
2 Eric Hislop 21:56    
3 David Ceniceros 23:40    
4 Matthew Hall 25:00    
14-18 (High School)
1 Coe Spotted Bear      
13 and Under
1     Alissa Jackson 36:23