CMRA 2020 Championship Points

CMRA Mountains

Championship Rules

For races with multiple distances only the distance that qualifies for the championship is shown.

Race NumberName
1Frozen Platte 8K+
2Forty Furlongs 5M
3Spring Spree 10K
5CMRA XC Challenge
6Elk Meadow Trail Race
7White Ranch Trail Run
8Into Space 5K
9South Seven
10Stonehouse (2X) Triplecross
11Hildebrand Ranch Park
12Sand Creek 5M


Name / Race #123456789101112RacesSum
Ada Youngstrom3           13
Amy Lease5           15
Anna Reed4           14
Barbara Peterson4           14
Ben Nell2           12
Bob Caillouette5           15
Brad Tretter3           13
Brian Hand2           12
Bryony Tretter4           14
Daniel Thies4           14
Dan Shaw4           14
David Rothenburger3           13
Dennis Thies2           12
Dorothy Bensusan3           13
Elizabeth Kinsey3           13
Enola Lee Guyer4           14
Eric Patterson4           14
Ester Cornish5           15
Eyal Sella3           13
Fred Trentaz3           13
Gabe Sisneros5           15
George Forbes4           14
Glen Mays5           15
Gregory Asplund2           12
Heather Heumann3           13
Heidi Somer4           14
Helen Degennaro5           15
Howard Kumpf4           14
Isaac Vanwestrienen6           16
Jackie McCush4           14
Jane Allard1           11
Jayme Brindle5           15
Jeremy Johnson3           13
Jim Romero2           12
Joey Shaw3           13
John Perez4           14
Julie Fuller5           15
Kaja Tretter5           15
Karen McKean4           14
Kate Avery5           15
Keith Johnson5           15
Kevin Snyder1           11
Laurie Nakauchi3           13
Lisa Brocard3           13
Lisa Wilson2           12
Matthew Barnes3           13
Michael Brenner5           15
Michael Quispe5           15
Michelle Sroda4           14
Molly Winters6           16
Nicole Shaklee2           12
Patricia Crespi2           12
Patricia Jones4           14
Robert Kanieski4           14
Robert Prouhet1           11
Ruth Olson5           15
Sam Simkin2           12
Scott Kukel4           14
Scott McFarlane3           13
Shaun Schafer1           11
Siri Lewis5           15
Spencer Martin5           15
Sumit Mehta5           15
Sydney Ayers5           15
Tim Buntrock3           13
Tina Akin1           11
Tom Chambers5           15
Viki Pitcher2           12
Vince McCush5           15
Wayne Pallas2           12
Will Buck5           15
Chewey Lam4           14
Kenneth Simons2           12
Michael Blanchard5           15
Shaun Olson3           13
Susan Peterson1           11

CMRA Championship Rules

For 2020, CMRA will award a championship. Races will be scored throughout the year, beginning with the Lake Arbor 5K run in early January and culminating with the Bluff Lake Nature Center race in December. The best finishes during the year will be scored for each runner, up to a maximum of ten races during the year. The five runners with the most points at the end of the year will take the championship awards. That is, all runners are eligible for the championship, with a total of five awards presented to the top five scorers (i.e., first through fifth place), to be presented at next January's annual meeting. A separate championship will be scored for walkers with a trophy for first place. Any ties at the end of the year will be broken by reference to the date of birth; ties go to the oldest runner.

Points are scored for finishing first through fifth in each age group (male and female) at the club's races:

  • One point for fifth place;
  • Two for fourth;
  • Three for third;
  • Four points for second;
  • Five points for first place
  • With the overall winners of each race scoring six points (that is, one point more than age group winners).

Please note: It doesn't really matter in which age group the points are earned, points are points. There is only one tally sheet for runners, so whether points are earned in multiple age groups or possibly for winning a race, they all go on the same tally sheet. For example, if runner X wins the January race, then wins his age group (but not the race) in February, and finishes 3rd in his age group in March, he would have a total of 14 points (6 + 5 + 3) regardless how old, whether he had a birthday in there somewhere, or he was she.