DeKoevend Park Memorial 5K/10K

CMRA Mountains

May 17, 2003 Race Results

Oh! What a beautiful morning. A bit different than last month. A dry fast track greeted our 56 hearty and hardy runners for a run along the beautiful Highline Canal. It seems as though the South Suburban Highline Run having been postponed last week had been rescheduled on top of our run. But, we, as the CMRA always does, made lemonade out of the lemons handed to us. We ran our own course and as usual had a great time. To those who came a bit late, sorry about the parking problems and the fact that we started a bit early. That kept us ahead of their pack of walkers/runners and gave us the open trail.

Thanks to Joe Baird, Linda Gonzales and Rob Fisher, who made the adjustments and compensated for all the problems. The start, finish and scoring came off without a hitch. Thanks to Lew Hutchinson and Levi Gonzales for their course management. Because of them the CMRA runners kept on the right track and ran the proper distance. Thanks to Rich Romero who retrieved all the bread and rolls and cookies and recruited the volunteers. We missed Rich today, but send congratulations to the family on Rosana's graduation from Graduate School. With a crew like that, race directing is easy. Thanks to you all

A Special thanks to member, Jeff Young for bringing along the youth running group called "Planned Pethood Posse". What a nice group of young people. They really can run, and took all the open division ribbons in the 5K and won the 10K, giving our best runners a challenge. Tell us more about this group Jeff, and we hope they will join us soon again. Hope we gave them a good challenge and a tune up for upcoming events.

By the way. Now is the time for a few good people to step forward and help keep this club going. Many are ready to retire after putting in as many as 10 or more years volunteering to provide club members with inexpensive, fun running. The club won't run by itself and if people don't volunteer to be Board members, Officers, Race directors, Newsletter editors and just plain volunteers, this club which has been going for over 30 years will vanish from this earth. The more help the merrier, and many hands make light work. Don't be afraid to volunteer. The jobs are not that difficult, but many of us are just burning out. We have given all we can. Now is the time to step forward. We need new blood.

See you at the races. Tom

5K results:

1.Jesus Martinez1717:281st Male overall
2.Niguel Cazares1617:392nd age group
3.Louis Martinez1718:013rd age group
4.Nigel Miller1518:194th age group
5.Luis Flores1718:525th Age group
6.Jim Perry4219:201st Master
7.Jim Halsch4719:231st age group
8.Michael Yackal3019:30
9.Nino Silva1819:32
10.Samantha Towne1523:071st Woman overall
11.Tom Chambers6023:331st age group
12.Jim Murray5224:421st age group
13.Roy Bengston6325:002nd age group
14.Genevieve Rubin1725:062nd age group
15.Gale Meuret5625:131st age group
16.Nancy Denniston5225:351st age group
17.Julie Meuret2026:173rd age group
18.Jim Foley6126:563rd age group
19.Doris Vecqueray6830:121st age group
20.Mike Goldhammer6030:354th age group
21.Carol Johnson4928:221st age group
22.Cesar Rojas5140:012nd age group
23.Bob Bussey6840:321st age group (2nd 5K today)
24.Caroline Aller4742:302nd age group
25.Jacquie Vaux6043:001st age group


1.Ray Adams6636:391st place
2.Laura McCoy4837:402nd place
3.Betty Caillouette5048:003rd place


1.Hector Martinez1935:031st Male Overall
2.Isaiah Rubio1637:072nd age group
3.Jeff Nelson3738:521st submaster
4.Nefi Madrigal1740:093rd age group
5.Jeff Young4740:591st master
6.Bob Liebhauser5242:151st age group
7.Ken Randall6444:551st age group
8.Bob Caillouete4845:102nd age group
9.David Lemon5146:502nd age group
10.Kim Massey4447:181st woman overall
11.Julie Kimball3247:271st age group
12.Jay D. Trujillo4449:091st age group
13.Deb Acree5149:261st age group
14.Connie Ahrnsbrak6350:171st age group
15.Marianelo Trujillo3950:241st age group
16.J, Gutierrez5052:253rd age group
17.Jim Romero6353:262nd age group (2nd 10k today)
18.Michelle Slingsby3356:052nd age group
19.Ken Green7458:131st age group
20.Vici DeHaan6860:391st age group
21.Mark Johnson4561:203rd age group
22.Fay diZerega6062:182nd age group
23.Palmer Beam5965:041st age group
24.Mike Weigand5065:554th age group
25.Jim Damon6568:131st age group
26.Larry Vincent6268:423rd age group
27.Marriott Smart6770:422nd age group
28.Dave Black5276:285th age group