Forty Furlongs (5 Miles)
Saturday, February 12 - 9 AM South Suburban Golf and Tennis Club

Warm up your winter running with this fast CMRA 5 mile (1600 rod) race

the Tennis Club parking lot and normal starting area would be closed on Saturday for construction. So with the help of South Suburban and a cooperative bar owner, we are starting (and finishing) the race from the East side of the river at the Echo Star property (formerly River Front). Pitchers, a bar and restaurant, which is in the NW corner of the lost, will let us use their rest rooms and will open at 10:00 for breakfast.

The new directions are the first left off Bowles into Echo Star if coming from Santa Fe drive. If coming down Bowles from the West, turn right after crossing the river.

For information or to volunteer call Lee Bengston at 303-282-7521.