Fairmount 5K Trail
Wednesday, August 5 - 6:30 PM Fairmount Park in Golden

Take I-70 west to highway 58 (Immediately after the Ward Road exit). Take the first exit off 58th to McIntyre. North on McIntyre to 54th. West on 54th to Quaker. South on Quaker to Fairmount Park.

From I-70 eastbound, take the Ward Rd exit. Stay in the right lane as you exit and turn right onto Ward Road. Take Ward Road north to 52nd Ave. Take 52nd Ave west to McIntyre. Go north on McIntyre to 54th, west on 54th to Quaker. Take Quaker south to Fairmount Park. See The Google Map for directions.

There will be a kids run at 6:00 before the 5K race. The length will be 1/2 mile. Ribbons will be awarded to all the kids. so bring the kids, grand kids or the neighbors' kids.
For more information or to volunteer call Kristin Moreau at 303-279-3509.