Lake Arbor 5K
Saturday, January 7 - 10 AM Lake Arbor

The course will be on the cement path around the lake. The first two miles will loop the lake on the path, using the path that parallels Lamar on the west end. You will cross a bridge at the east end just before the parking lot. The last mile will stay on the north side,go along the lake back to the finish at the parking lot. The start and finish will be the parking lot at the east end of the lake.

PS We could have ice,snow-pack or both.
Take I-70 to Wadsworth. Go north past 80th to the signal at Pomona Drive. Turn right (east) at Pomona Drive. Continue straight past the four-way stop until you see the lake. The race starts on the east side of the lake.

See the Google Map for details.

For information or to volunteer call Ed Youngberg at 303-550-8014 or Ken Randall at 303-422-3745.