2005 Colorado Masters Running / Racewalking Association Schedule

Registration begins 1 hour prior to and closes 10 minutes before the race time.
Race cost is $10 for non-members with no charge for members.
An Annual membership is $25/single or $35/family in 2005 for a 13 race bargain

There are no T-Shirts but there are drawings for door prizes as well as prizes for the top 3 male and female racewalkers and 5-year age groupings for runners.

The course for Racewalkers will be the same as that of the Runners for distances of up to 5 miles. If the running course is over 5 miles the Racewalker course will be 5 Kilometers. The Racewalker course for the Chatfield 10 Miler will be 5 miles. Racewalkers will begin 15 minutes earlier than the runners.

* The Board has designated the May race as a "bring a friend" race. Any Master friend (35 or older) accompanied by a club member may race for free.

DateDOWTimeLocationName Director(s)
Jan 8(Sat)9 AM Lake Arbor Lake Arbor 5K Results Ken Randall
Feb 12(Sat)9 AM S. Suburban Tennis Center 40 Furlongs (5M) Results Lee Bengston
Mar 19(Sat)9 AM Twin Lakes Park Spring Spree 10K Results Tom Alison / Rich Romero
Apr 9(Sat)9 AM Stapleton Sand Creek 5 Miler Results Rob Fisher
May 15(Sun)9 AM DeKoevend Park * Memorial Run 10K Results Rosalie Murch / Connie Ahrnsbrak
Jun 12(Sun)8 AM Waterton Canyon Waterton Canyon 10K Results Deb Acree
Jul 17(Sun)8 AM Christies @ Genessee Mountain Madness 12K Results Jim Romero
Aug 10(Wed)6:30 PM Fairmount Park, Golden Fairmount 5K Trail Results Pat Phillips
Aug 28(Sun)8 AM Elk Meadow, Evergreen Elk Meadow Trail 10K Results Wayne Mathis
Sep 25(Sun)8 AM Barr Lake State Park Barr Lake 1/3 Marathon Results Dave Black
Oct 16(Sun)9 AM Louisville Coal Creek XC Challenge 5.5 M Results Bruce Kirschner / Randy Luallin
Nov 20(Sun)9 AM Chatfield State Park
Note: The race will be starting inside the park this year. See the directions for information.
Chatfield 10 Miler Results Kim Massey / Scott McFarlane
Dec 10(Sat)9 AM Prospect Park (Wheatridge) Clear Creek 4-Miler and Pancake Breakfast Results Vici DeHaan